Chuck and Purr
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Chuck & Aimee's Wedding
October 8, 2005 at Bucksteep Manor, Washington MA
Chuck and Aimee were supposed to be married on a beautiful autumn afternoon.  Instead it was one of the biggest deluges in the history of our little Berkshire town (8-12 inches of rain in one day).  Joe & Claire (Aimee’s parents) and we were pretty worried that the tent would be washed away.  In spite of the weather, everyone and a wonderful time and were so happy to celebrate the joyous occasion.  There’s an old saying; for each raindrop on the day of the wedding there will be one less tear shed during the marriage.  Needless to say, Chuck & Aimee’s marriage will be very dry eyed and we are sure very long and happy as well.
So happy together
Purr, Jess & Amy
Joe & Aimee walking down the aisle

Jess, Lucia & Grandpa Garman
Claire & the happy couple
Aimee, Tor & Jill

Waiting patiently

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Chuck & Uncle Vic take pictures

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